A great way to secure your home or business is to control who can come in and out.

Even when the property is occupied, it is a good idea to control who you open the door to or who can go where once inside.

Commercial Access Control

Businesses can have complex access needs so we have a wide range of solutions with lots of added features and benefits.  In addition to the options available for home access control, commercial systems can offer the following:

Different Access for Different People –

There are a number of different access control systems for businesses that allow you to only allow certain staff access to certain places through key cards allocated to different members of staff.

Monitoring –

When your staff access the building using a key card or other individualised method, it allows you to see who is coming and going and at what time they are doing so.  This can be useful for keeping track of staff and their timekeeping.

Biometrics –

Some commercial applications require extra security or just have scatty staff who have a habit of losing key cards and fobs or forgetting passcodes so a biometric system that allows staff access using their fingerprints could be useful.

Whether you are a business owner or a home owner/landlord who wants an access control system to secure their property, we can talk to you about your requirements, survey your property if necessary and make a recommendation about the most appropriate system for you.  Then we can install it to a high standard so it works exactly how you want and looks great.

Domestic Access Control

Sometimes a simple key opening front door isn’t the best way to secure the main entrance to your home.  Keyless systems and intercoms can provide more secure or easier solutions for some homes depending on your needs.

Keyless Systems

Some homeowners and landlords are opting for keyless systems using biometrics, fobs or keypads for either extra security or ease of access for tenants, cleaners, or short term lets like AirBnB rentals.


If you want to check who is at the door before you open it, allow remote access from another part of the house or access to a garden door or driveway gate, an intercom with video and/or audio is a good option.

Internal Access Control

There are some rooms in the house you might want to restrict access to, like an office, for example, so we supply internal access control systems to help you secure those places.

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