Professional Security System Maintenance

We understand the importance of a reliable and efficient security infrastructure to safeguard your premises. With every installation, we visit your location as often as required, providing meticulous testing and maintenance to keep your system in top shape throughout the year.

1. Testing and Inspection

Our team tests the system's functionality, checks the cabling integrity, and assesses the performance of hard drives and storage equipment. By subjecting the system to rigorous assessments, we confirm that your alarms are functioning optimally. We leave no stone unturned in our commitment to deliver uncompromising security solutions.

2. Battery Maintenance for Uninterrupted Security

Power outages should never compromise the safety of your premises. That's why our maintenance service includes thorough battery checks in the main panel. Our technicians ensure that even in the event of a power cut, your security system remains fully operational. We replace batteries as needed, ensuring wireless movement sensors, door contacts, and other equipment are always powered and ready to protect your property.

3. Equipment Cleaning and Care

Our commitment to maintaining your security system extends beyond functionality. We also pay attention to the cleanliness and care of your equipment. Our technicians will clean and tidy the system, ensuring it remains pristine.

Monitoring Services for Enhanced Security

We offer a range of monitoring services to provide round-the-clock protection and peace of mind. This approach ensures that your property, whether residential or commercial, remains secure at all times.

1. Intruder Alarm Monitoring (Also available for CCTV)

Our intruder alarm monitoring service is designed to keep you informed and alert in case of any security breach. When your alarm system or CCTV detects an intrusion or movement, it immediately triggers a signal to our monitoring station. This can be achieved through a communications unit, a SIM card, or by being connected to your broadband. For added reliability, we can offer dual path monitoring, utilising both broadband and a SIM card simultaneously.

Once the alarm is triggered, our monitoring station promptly contacts a person of your choosing, such as yourself, keyholders, or designated contacts. This ensures that you receive instant notification and can take appropriate action swiftly.

2. Police Monitoring

For an additional layer of security, we offer police monitoring services. Similar to our intruder alarm monitoring, when an alarm is triggered, our monitoring station immediately notifies the police. This ensures that the authorities are promptly dispatched to your premises, providing a rapid response in the event of a security breach.

Our array of monitoring services guarantees 24/7 protection, ensuring the ongoing security of your property, be it residential or commercial. If you wish to explore matters concerning electrical maintenance or emergency services, don't hesitate to contact our esteemed partner in electrical maintenance facilities, TSS Facilities. For more information, please visit their website at

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