5 Reasons to Maintain Your CCTV & Security System

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5 Reasons to Maintain Your CCTV & Security System

There’s the old age saying that prevention is better than cure – and we agree with it! With the cost of living crisis upon us, it makes financial sense to look after what you already have rather than let it deteriorate and buy a brand new system a year or so down the line. Here are our top 5 reasons for maintaining your security system and how we can help make sure it’s in near-perfect condition:

If you look after something, it’ll last longer. You don’t leave your car running for years without an MOT, and you don’t wait for your boiler to blow before replacing it – so why leave your security? If you have cared enough about your business or home to invest in a security system, ensure everything works as it should! Maintaining your cameras will be less costly in the long run – we experts can check it’s ticking along nicely before anything goes drastically wrong.

It’s not all about cameras… your entire alarm system could do with a check-over whilst we’re there! We also specialise in intruder alarms and we’ll test the power supply, battery charging rates, test all buttons and signalling equipment and so much more on a maintenance check. It’s so important to make sure it’s all in working order just in case there is an intruder about, and your system isn’t up to date!

The bottom line is that if something happens in your home or business, such as an intruder entering the property or an altercation taking place, and you can’t get the footage, why bother having CCTV at all? You never know when you might need your CCTV camera, and if it’s not in full working order, then it will never serve its purpose. If you are going to have a security system, then make sure everything’s in place for it to work efficiently.

We’re living in an age where it’s not just the manual parts of the camera that need to be checked – cyber security breaches are a very real threat that needs to be considered. Apps and the software and technology behind the cameras also need to be kept as up-to-date as possible to protect from hackers and viruses. It sounds crazy, but this is a real thing that happens all too often and corrupts camera systems!

And finally, even if your software is up to date and the parts are all working, insects and pests can cause the most basic problems with lenses! It only takes one pesky spider to make a home near your camera and block the view across your lens to cause an issue. We’ll make sure any dead bugs, dust, or debris are removed on your maintenance check.


CCTV cannot be undervalued – if the proper security measures are not implemented, your business or home could be more susceptible to a break-in. A CCTV surveillance system is only as good as the maintenance given, so book a maintenance appointment today, or give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help! Speak to our friendly team today on 01273 782 323.

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