Ajax Wireless Security System

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Ajax Wireless Security System

We love this Ajax wireless security system not because it does anything that ground-breakingly different to other systems but just because it does everything it does so well.  It has a lot of really great useful features all rolled into the one system but what gets us about it is how easy it is to use. The connectivity, the installation, the app that monitors and control the system are all an absolute dream so we’ve been recommending them widely to our customers.  Here are some of the things we particularly like about this system:


A great feature of this security system is the way that so much is controlled from just the one central hub.  It can connect to devices up to 2,000 metres away and those devices can relate alarms back to the hub in 0.15 seconds.  Every connection is encrypted for maximum system security and the whole system is managed from a cloud based operating system which you can access with your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.  The hub can connect to home appliances as well as the various detectors around the house.


Primarily, this system is a security system which incorporates state of the art motion detectors and CCTV cameras.  There are indoor detectors that can detect motion, windows and doors opening or breaking and outdoor monitors which can spot movement around the property.  They’re all equipped with algorithms which can send an alarm to your phone if they detect a person close to your home or moving about inside but won’t bother you with false alarms if pets are moving about.  The cameras send their picture to your phone in full HD.  To keep the house safe from fire, the system also includes a fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detector which raises the alarm at the first sign of a fire or before carbon monoxide levels reach a life threatening point.  Detectors on the floor also detect moisture to alert you if there is a water leak to prevent too much damage.  All of these detectors connect wirelessly to the main hub and this sends a signal to the app on your phone in less than a second if they detect an issue.

The App

Out of all the security systems we install, we think this one has the best app.  It’s so easy to use and so helpful that it’s suitable for anyone.  You can choose how you would like to receive alerts if the system detects any issues and you can arm and disarm the system with just a few clicks from anywhere in the world.  It allows you to configure the system and manage the devices and see what is going on in your home in real time with full HD live streaming video footage.  The system comes with different monitoring levels so you can choose to monitor it yourself through the app or have alerts sent to a security company too who will take care of any security issues for you.

Another reason that we love this system is because it’s easy to install and maintain but we do think it’s a great system all round so we would definitely recommend it to anyone who would like a comprehensive home security system that’s dead easy to use.

If you would like to ask any questions about this system or any other home or commercial security system, please give us a call on 01273 782323 or email sales@brightoncctv.co.uk.

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