Cameras for the Police

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Cameras for the Police

Football fixtures, particularly between certain teams, can be hard work for the Police.  Trouble can erupt before and after matches all around the football ground and in the city.  Here in Brighton, we often see flare ups around the packed train station as well as in and around nearby pubs.
Crowd control is a huge challenge for the Police and the location of CCTV cameras around the city and the angles they record from can be unhelpful when it comes to identifying perpetrators and seeing what really happened when trouble starts.  Thankfully, Brighton CCTV were able to provide a solution to help Sussex Police officers monitor dangerous situations or disturbances at football matches or any other public event.

Fast Deployment

We provided the Sussex Police Service with quick deployment cameras which are battery powered with magnetic bases so can attach to Police cars or any other metal surface to record footage in any location and any time.  This is an important capability as trouble can happen anywhere and at any time.


With mobile SIM cards inside, these cameras can connect remotely to the Police HQ so officers can monitor the situation live to assess the need for extra resources, etc as well as record footage to help with prosecutions later.  The ability to monitor and record what happens when trouble starts is also important in the event of a claim against Police officers acting inappropriately.  Sadly, false accusations of misconduct against Police officers are common and having video proof of what really happened is a very useful tool in tackling this as well as providing evidence if misconduct does occur.

Flexibility and Clarity

Not only can these cameras be taken anywhere and be placed anywhere, they can also be remotely pan tilted and zoomed in and out.  This allows the officers at HQ great flexibility in monitoring constantly changing and moving situations as they happen.  The clarity of the pictures provided from these cameras is also extremely helpful because it gives a very clear view of exactly what is happening and who is involved.  These cameras are so flexible in their usage that there are plenty of applications for them beyond just being used by the police.  We are sure they would be helpful for other organisations providing security for events.

All of these features add up to make these cameras a very useful tool in tackling this type of crime, keeping Police officers safe from false accusations and letting the Police see exactly what happened when trouble occurred anywhere in the area.  If you think these sorts of cameras could help you, give us a call on 01273 782 323.

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