Providing CCTV Solutions for Burger King

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Providing CCTV Solutions for Burger King

Fast food restaurants face some unique challenges when it comes to security and criminal activity.  Working with a Sussex Burger King franchise taught us that some of the problems they face are the ones you would expect from food outlets open long hours in busy city centres but others were less so.  Similarly, some of the issues we could help them with were ones most people would expect a CCTV company to help with but others may be surprising.

Common Problems

Being open late at night and fried food being a huge draw for people who have consumed a lot of alcohol means that fast food restaurants can suffer drunken antics such as fights and damage.  However, even during the day time, when the majority of the cliental are sober, Burger King restaurants need high resolution CCTV to identify problems such as people making fraudulent personal injury claims, disputes over amounts paid and change due, the causes of slips and falls as well as other health and safety issues.

Legal Requirements

Not only do fast food outlets need high quality CCTV footage to spot problems and have evidence to defend themselves in case of legal action, they are also required by law to keep CCTV footage for 31 days so the systems they use need to be reliable and store the footage securely.

Our Solutions

To allow this Burger King franchise to have very high resolution CCTV footage and reliable secure storage, we swapped their analogue system for an IP based one.  We also installed an intruder alarm system to secure the restaurants during the short hours they are closed.  Because of these long opening hours and the importance of good reliable CCTV footage, we offer them an emergency callout service so, if they do experience problems, we can have them up and running again as quickly as possible.

Extra Services

We were very pleased to be able to help one Burger King restaurant with additional issues they were facing.  This restaurant needed a TV and sound system to play the VH1 music video channel for its patrons and we were able to install this for them.  Being located across two floors meant the restaurant staff were losing time and getting tired out climbing up and down the stairs to communicate with each other.  A previous phone system had allowed them to call each other across floors but their new system didn’t have that function.  Our team could help them with this too by installing an intercom system to allow them to convey messages without needing to tackle lots of steps.

Having an effective CCTV system can be very helpful in resolving the common issues faced by fast food outlets and we were very happy to be able to help out Sussex Burger King restaurants with this and other issues.  If you need a similar solution for your business, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01273 782 323.

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